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NEW Practice -- May 1st. 8.5Mb .MOV This some of the stuff I did in my practice session Sunday May 1, 2005.

Four Balls, Low 'n Fast 341Kb .WMV
This is just something I usually do as an 'idle' when I'm not really juggling. Turns out it looks pretty cool from directly above. It's pretty much one ball going back and forth over the other three. The other three balls are thrown simultaneously, and the frontmost ball is brought to the back of the line.

Three Ball Mills Mess Variant 262KB .WMV
This is a little mills mess variant that I thought up back in December of 2004. I've not done much practice on it since.

3 Club Single Backcrosses 655Kb .WMV
Nothing spectacular here. This is me doing 3 club backcrosses for 50 throws in my room, which has a 7'6" ceiling. This is more or less to keep track of my backcross progress.

A little Contact Juggling 608Kb .WMV
Just a little bit of Contact juggling, set to the music of Van Morrison. I put this one up here because I nail the difficult behind-the-back to arm-stall, but screw up the 'magic roll down the arm'.

Club Flourish 239Kb .WMV
This is just a short clip of me flourishing one club.

6 Balls. 408Kb .WMV
I juggle 6 balls in three different ways. Asynch fountian, Synch fountian, and finally halfshower. All done in one take, under a 7'6" roof.

3 Ball Juggling, form above 861Kb .WMV
My brother kindly stood on top of a shelf and filmed me doing some 3 ball juggling. I think it looks pretty cool.

5 balls, almost a minute 651Kb .WMV
This is me juggling a very low 5 ball cascade for about 200 throws. It happens in less than a minute, and I think my form is pretty clean. I purposely turn to the side so you can see how the pattern looks from the front and ... side.

3 Clubs, as seen from below 1.2Mb .WMV
Three club juggling, but seen from directly beneath the juggler. I do a cascade, transition into flats, reverse flats, mills mess, chops, back into flats, and finish. My camera was not harmed.

5 Balls for a long time 4.9Mb .WMV
Five balls for almost 3 minutes! There is music and some funny expressions on my face, and a few good saves. My camera was not harmed.

Not of this site

4 Ball Mills Mess/Contact Juggling 1.3Mb .WMV
Go to:
Joe "The Only Golden Chicken" - 4 Ball Mills Mess.

It's towards the bottom of the first post. This is something that I gave to the Contact Juggling community for its Christmas Tree project. It's a little bit of palmspinning with 4 balls (rather shoddy job, if you ask me) then some mills mess with four 3" acrylics, then back to palmspinning.

Juggling in Pittsburgh 60Mb .MPEG
My first collaboration with the brilliant Michael Karas Tons of new, creative stuff.

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